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My name is Alexxis 'TeTea Lexx ' Brooks originally from Hammond, Indiana . I am Sex , Birth , Postpartum and Traveling Doula .I am currently studying Midwifery. I enjoy assisting with emotional balance, Perinatal support and Lymphatic functions.  My goal is to ensure we are intuned with the present moment. On a Mindfulness Jerne I envision a Universe where all babies can enter into the loving world peacefully protected and safe into the arms of loving parents. I believe that the base of a Doula is compassion and understanding. Leading with empathy and the ability to connect with others . I have a degree in Psychology with a focus in Mental Health and Sexuality. When I am not being a Doula I enjoy studying and spending with my bestfriend aka my niece whom gave me the name TeTea Lexx . We love traveling the world and going on adventures spending time in nature . I love being around kids and learning their unique personalities.I love what I DOula!!


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